Question: How Many Enzo Ferraris Are Left?

How many Enzo Ferraris are in the US?

The U.S.

total comes to 5,500 Enzo-era Ferraris, 13,000 Fiat-era Ferraris, and another 18,900 Montezemolo-era Ferraris, for a total of about 37,400 Ferraris in the U.S.

That gives the Ferrari Club of America ample room to add to its reported 5,000 existing members, although I understand that number has dwindled to ….

How many Ferraris were made by Enzo?

400 Enzo FerrarisOnly 400 Enzo Ferraris were made, between 2002 and 2004. From that total, 399 of them available to buy, while the other one was given to Pope John Paul II.

Is Enzo Ferrari dead?

Deceased (1898–1988)Enzo Ferrari/Living or Deceased

When was the last Ferrari Enzo made?

Updated History. Updated 08/14/2015: The last Enzo ever built, part of the Pinnacle Portfolio collection auctioned in Monterey, was sold for a record $6.05 million. The car was never sold to a customer, but gifted to Pope John Paul II, who sold it to raise funds for charity.

How much is an Enzo Ferrari worth?

Since 2010 the average price for an Enzo sold at auction has risen from US$830,500 to US$2,399,583, though we’re talking only one or two cars coming up for sale per-year.

Can anyone buy a Ferrari Enzo?

Ferrari no longer has control over who can purchase an Enzo Ferrari (its proper name), as the cars were only produced from 2002-04, with a total of 400 produced. They can be purchased on the aftermarket, when one of them comes up for either private sale or auction.