Quick Answer: How Can I Use It In A Sentence?

How do you write its?

Yet the two rules are actually quite easy to remember.Rule 1: When you mean it is or it has, use an apostrophe.Examples: …

Rule 2: When you are using its as a possessive, don’t use the apostrophe.Examples: …

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What is a sentence for affect?

Affect sentence examples. I didn’t think about how it might affect you if I got hurt out there. It wasn’t possible that it could affect their life together. Poverty can affect anyone, regardless of age, race, gender or social background.

How can I use the word in a sentence?

For sentence examplesI’ve waited at that station for five hours. … Old deeds for old people, and new deeds for new. … He was going to like the clothes she bought for the trip. … “I’ll get us some coffee,” she said, heading for the kitchen. … He had been taking care of her for nearly a year now. … You’ve paid a dear price for this thing.More items…

Why use it in a sentence?

We also use it to introduce or ‘anticipate’ the subject or object of a sentence, especially when the subject or object of the sentence is a clause. Most commonly, such clauses are to + infinitive and that clauses.

What is a word for example?

Frequently Asked Questions About example Some common synonyms of example are case, illustration, instance, sample, and specimen. While all these words mean “something that exhibits distinguishing characteristics in its category,” example applies to a typical, representative, or illustrative instance or case.

What is an example of affect?

Use “affect” as the verb in a sentence when you’re talking about producing change or making a difference. For example, a new discovery can affect a scientific theory, and failing a test can affect someone’s mood. Here are some synonyms of affect: alter, change, influence, modify, and impact (the verb version).

How can I use it in a sentence example?

It sentence examplesThe fire snapped as it grew. 308. 179.It was the earthquake. 249. 144.”How does it taste?” asked the Wizard. 167. 133. … It is a beautiful place. 154. … It is the cross I have to bear. 151. 124.I only hope it wasn’t poison. 111. Advertisement.It was the first money that he had ever had. … Oh, what a pretty sound it made!More items…

What is a one word sentence called?

A sentence word (also called a one-word sentence) is a single word that forms a full sentence. … Wegener called sentence words “Wortsätze”.

Why do we use it?

Usage. The word and term it can be used for either a subject or an object in a sentence and can describe any physical or psychological subject or object. … This use of it is also criticized when used as a rhetorical device to dehumanize a speaker’s enemies, implying that they were little more than animals or objects.

What is this or it?

THIS Although THIS and IT are both pronouns, the main difference is that THIS is a ‘demonstrative’ pronoun and IT is a ‘personal’ pronoun.

Can I use it for a person?

According to the Webster dictionary (www.webster.com) the pronoun ‘it’ can be used in reference to “a person or animal whose sex is unknown or disregarded .”

What does WHY NOT MEAN?

obsolete. : a return challenge demanding what bars an action or negates an assertion. at a why-not. obsolete.

Where to use it or this?

To oversimplifly, if something is close enough to touch, use “this.” Otherwise, use “that.” It is a pronoun. It is the third person, singular, neuter pronoun. This means it usually refers to objects, not to people, animals, or other living things.

Is used for meaning?

If something is employed for a particular purpose, it is used for that purpose. You can say, for example, that a particular method or technique is employed. … You can also say that a machine, tool, or weapon is employed.

Where do we use this?

Generally speaking, we use this/these to refer to people and things, situations and experiences that are close to the speaker or very close in time. We use that/those to refer to people and things, situations and experiences that are more distant, either in time or physically. This is a great game.

How do you use it and it’s in a sentence?

You need to be aware of this mistake and know when to use which. It’s is a contraction of “it is” or “it has.” Its is a possessive determiner we use to say that something belongs to or refers to something. It’s and its are among the most commonly confused words.

What is if in English grammar?

Conditional tenses are used to speculate about what could happen, what might have happened, and what we wish would happen. In English, most sentences using the conditional contain the word if. Many conditional forms in English are used in sentences that include verbs in one of the past tenses.