Quick Answer: What Is Meant By Auspicious Occasion?

Is Thursday a lucky day?


Thursday is a day of anticipation and optimism.

Make Thursday a day to connect with these animals.

Thursday is the lucky day for Sagittarius and Pisces..

What is the opposite word of auspicious?

The opposite of inauspicious is auspicious, which means lucky or promising.

What is an auspicious day?

Auspicious wedding dates refer to auspicious, or lucky, times to get married, and is a common superstition among many cultures. … A number of cultures, including the Chinese and Hindu cultures, favor particular auspicious dates for weddings. Auspicious days may also be chosen for the dates of betrothals.

What is the meaning of auspices?

Usually auspices. patronage; support; sponsorship: under the auspices of the Department of Education. Often auspices. a favorable sign or propitious circumstance. a divination or prognostication, originally from observing birds.

What is an auspicious person?

Auspicious definitions The definition of auspicious is a situation that is positive or indicative of good things to come or is someone who is lucky.

What is an example of occasion?

Occasion is a special event or a specific time when something is possible or when something will happen. An example of an occasion is a birthday. An event or happening, or the time of an event or happening. On several occasions, we saw him riding a motorcycle.

What does it mean to have occasion?

If you have occasion to do something, you have the opportunity to do it or have a need to do it.

What is the meaning of auspicious occasion?

adjective. promising success; propitious; opportune; favorable: an auspicious occasion. favored by fortune; prosperous; fortunate.

What does erudite mean in English?

adjective. characterized by great knowledge; learned or scholarly: an erudite professor; an erudite commentary.

What is the root word of auspicious?

Auspicious comes from Latin auspex, which literally means “bird seer” (from the words avis, meaning “bird,” and specere, meaning “to look at”).

What is your occasion?

Occasion means something special––that happens seldom or is notable when it does. On occasion, we sit down together as a family, but not every day, and never for dinner.

How do I know my lucky day?

In order to find what days of the month will be lucky for you, you have to add your birthday number to the number of a calendar day. When you find a date that adds up to the exact number that your birthday adds up to, you’ve got a lucky day.

What is auspicious antonym?

hopeful promising propitiousness bright rosy propitious auspiciousness fortunate. Antonyms. inauspiciousness inauspicious unpropitious unpropitiousness hopeless.

How do you use the word auspicious?

Auspicious sentence examplesHe made an auspicious debut in the school play. … The marriage did not get off to a very auspicious start. … The story pointed out several auspicious symbols. … The rising of the new moon was an auspicious occasion. … For example, the use of the color red is considered auspicious in China.More items…

Does auspicious mean lucky?

Auspicious means good omen, indicating future success (lucky, fortunate), marked by success, favorable, promising, propitious and prosperous. Its derivatives terms are auspiciously and auspiciousness. Auspicious is a Latin-derived word originally pertaining to the taking of ‘auspices’ by the augurs of ancient Rome.

What’s another word for auspices?

In this page you can discover 38 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for auspices, like: protection, aegis, support, patronage, apt, auspicious, benignant, fair, favorable, fortitudinous and fortunate.

How do you use auspices in a sentence?

Auspices sentence examplesTueley under the auspices of the municipality of Paris. … Archery contests also take place at intervals under the auspices of the Royal Company of Archers.More items…

What does an auspicious sign mean?

If something seems likely to bring success — either because it creates favorable conditions or you just consider it a lucky sign — label it auspicious. The word is related to auspice, “a divine omen,” an old word with a colorful history.

What is meant by occasion?

noun. a particular time, especially as marked by certain circumstances or occurrences: They met on three occasions. a special or important time, event, ceremony, celebration, etc.: His birthday will be quite an occasion.

What is the lucky hour?

1 AM. In the early hours before the birds awaken, that is when you’ll experience luck. You’ll have quite the fortune waiting for you.

What does conducive mean?

adjective. tending to produce; contributive; helpful; favorable (usually followed by to): Good eating habits are conducive to good health.