Is Rafale Better Than F16?

Is Rafale better than Sukhoi?

AL-31FP engines provide a greater thrust than Rafale which is not a sign of inferiority but because Su-30 MKI is a Heavy Combat Aircraft rather than Rafale which is a medium combat aircraft.

The Su-30MKI’s rate of climb (300 m/s) is inferior to that of the Rafale (305 m/sec) which gives Rafale an edge over Su-30..

Why was Rafale selected?

One reason for the political decision in favour of France’s Rafale was because the French had no problem with the Rafale being modified to carry a nuclear payload while India was not so sure about the Eurofighter Typhoons as any modifications would need the approval of four countries, which would have been complicated …

Is Rafale the best fighter jet in the world?

However, Retired Air Marshal R Nambiar, who tested the Rafale fighter jets for India, said, “Rafale is far superior to the J-20, the Chengdu fighter of China. Even though it’s believed to be a 5th generation fighter, it is probably at best a 3.5 generation aircraft.

How many Rafale India have now?

With three more Rafale fighter jets, the IAF will now have eight Rafale jets in service. India had signed an inter-governmental agreement with France to procure 36 of these aircraft at a cost of Rs 59,000 crore. The development comes even as tensions at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China continue.

Is the F 16 the best fighter jet?

Both the F-15 and F-16 are some of the best and most produced fighter jets in the world. … The F-15 and F-16 are both fighter jets, serving in several different roles for several different militaries. Both F-15s and F-16s often serve alongside one another in different conflicts, often playing to their own strengths.

Is Sukhoi 30 MKI better than f16?

While F-16 is very much lighter and has better Speed, Su-30MKI is equipped with TVC (Thrust-Vectoring Control) engines which means its ITR (Instantaneous Turn Rate) can be extreme. Superior Agility and Aerodynamic performance of SU-30MKI easily compensates for its bigger size than F-16.

Can Rafale carry nuclear weapons?

The deadly weapons of the Indian Army were already capable of a nuclear attack, but now the Indian Air Force’s Bahubali Rafale will strengthen India’s strength. Rafale’s ability to carry nuclear warheads and missiles makes it different.

Does Pakistan have Rafale?

The IAF received the Rafale jets 23 years after it imported Sukhoi-30 Ks from Russia in 1997. ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Thursday said it has seen reports that India has acquired Rafale jets from France which could be modified to carry nuclear weapons.

How many Rafale Pakistan have now?

On paper, the Rafale looks much more capable than Pakistan’s F-16 aircraft or China’s J-20 jet which is yet to see combat. According to the latest numbers from Global Firepower Index 2020, the IAF has airpower of 2,123 aircraft as compared to PAF’s 1,472. Similarly, while India has 538 fighters, Pakistan has 356.

Why Rafale is dangerous?

The missiles include the deadly Meteor, the radar-guided air-to-air missile which excels at hunting and destroying enemy threats at long ranges notwithstanding the bad weather and environment conditions. The Meteor’s capability is associated with its long-range, which is estimated to be well over 120km.

Did India shoot down f16?

IAF Did Not Shoot Down Pak F-16 in Balakot Aftermath, Says US Scholar Christine Fair. … But Fair added that she and many others in the Pentagon actually wished that the IAF had indeed shot down the F-16, because India had “a right to bomb Pakistan” in retaliation for the Pulwama attack.

Can f16 beat Rafale?

– Max speed winner is Rafale 579 knots. The Rafale reaches a maximum speed that is 410 knots faster than the F-16. – Maximum thrust is 34,000 (lbf / pound-force). Rafale produces 5,000 more pound-forces of thrust than the F-16.

Which aircraft is better than Rafale?

France has finally sent 5 Rafale jets to India. Now a debate has started that which country has the best fighter aircraft in the Asian continent….Comparison of the Rafale and J-20:-Base of ComparisonRafaleChengdu J-20Generation4.5th5th11 more rows•Jul 31, 2020

What is so special about Rafale jet?

Rafale is a twin-jet combat aircraft manufactured by Dassault Aviation and is capable of carrying out a wide range of short and long-range missions. It can be used to perform ground and sea attacks, reconnaissance, high-accuracy strikes and nuclear strike deterrence.

Why is Rafale so costly?

Big increase in Rafale’s price came because a deal bypassing mandated procedures and made in the face of official objections resulted in €1.3 billion ‘non-recurring’ cost attributed to the ‘Design and Development’ of 13 India Specific Enhancements being spread over 36 instead of 126 aircraft.

What is the most dangerous fighter jet?

F-22 RaptorMeet the F-22 Raptor. It’s the most dangerous combat plane in the world, designed for both air-to-air and air-to-ground conflict. 20 years later, the jet fighter’s prowess is unmatched. F-22 is renowned for its radar-evading technology, and superior maneuverability.

Is Pakistan Air Force better than India?

Quantitatively, India has an edge over Pakistan as the Indian Air Force (IAF) is the fourth-largest air force in the world after the US, China, and Russia with around 1,70,000 personnel and 1,500 aircraft. However, the IAF currently has a ratio of 1.5 pilots per aircraft as against 2.5 pilots per aircraft for the PAF.

Which country has the best fighter jet in the world?

IsraelOver the years, the United States has developed a strategic military partnership with Israel by equipping them with the world’s best fighter jets which include the stealthy Lockheed Martin F-35s along with what is the Middle-East nation’s largest fleet of F-16s on the planet.