Quick Answer: How Do I Choose My Wedding Colors?

How do I choose my wedding style?

7 Steps to Planning a Wedding That’s Totally YouThink Big.

The beginning of the process is the dreaming phase, so don’t worry about how something will work or how much it will cost.

Gather and Save Inspiration.

Figure Out the Formality.

Narrow in on Your Style.

Pick Your Colors.

Master the Motif.

Don’t Forget the Vibe..

What is the best color for wedding?

Wedding themes don’t have to include vibrant colors. Stick to neutral tones, like silver, gray, navy and gold, for a truly elegant aura.

What colors are bad luck for a wedding?

10) The color of your wedding dress is said to determine the quality of your marriage. Yellow, grey, green, pink, red and black are all supposed unlucky colors.

Does your bouquet have to match your wedding colors?

When picking your bouquet, they don’t have to exactly match your color scheme either. They can complement it. You can use accent colors that match other parts of your wedding décor, including the favors or even the wedding invitations. … Finally, you want your bouquet to complement the style of your wedding.

Is navy too dark for a summer wedding?

Black can feel a bit heavy in summer, but not navy blue! There are a ton of gorgeous navy bridesmaid dresses out there, too. Most designers incorporate shades of navy or midnight blue into their bridesmaid dress collections. … If you want a bit of contrast, add a satin navy sash to your ivory or white wedding dress.

What do the father of the bride and groom wear?

The traditional answer to “what should the Father of the Bride wear?” Match Dad’s tux or suit with the groomsmen. You can’t go wrong having the Father of the Bride wear the same color tux or suit as the groomsmen, even if his style varies slightly.

What are the wedding colors for 2020?

Top 10 Wedding Color Trends to Inspire in 2020 & 2021Cinnamon Rose and Dusty Rose.Terracotta and Greenery. … Modern Rustic Style in Shades of Gray. … Pantone Rose Brown and Rose Gold. … Light Blue, Dusty Blue and Burgundy. … Sage Green and Light Terracotta. … Light Beige and Champagne. … Light Gray, Greenery and Foil Gold.More items…

How do you use wedding colors?

It’s All in the DetailsServe a signature cocktail that incorporates your wedding color.Print invitations on colored paper or use colored ink on neutral paper.Choose colored lighting for the reception and dance floor.Add unique take-home favors at each table setting, with the a ribbon or wrapping in one of your colors.

How many colors should a wedding have?

There is a sweet spot, however, experts agree. As it turns out, the ideal wedding color palette is somewhere in the neighborhood of three to five colors.

What makes a wedding elegant?

An elegant wedding focuses on the luxurious elements that bring it all together and make it feel like a five-star event. It’s all about extravagance and beauty, and often little consideration is given to the cost.

What are the wedding colors for 2019?

Color Palettes for your Fall 2019 WeddingEmerald Green & Blue. Whether you love a navy blue or a true blue, the popular suit color for guys has never looked better than contrasted with emerald green. … Violet & Marigold.Cranberry & Sage Green.Navy Blue & Slate Grey.Sunflower Yellow & Ruby Red.Ivory & Burgundy.Taupe & Shades of Red.

How can I make my wedding fun?

So here’s how to ensure that yours is the most fun wedding reception your guests will ever attend—trust us.Keep Your Guests Comfortable.Keep the Party Moving.Get Your Guests on the Dance Floor ASAP.Add In Some Unexpected Entertainment.Make Sure There Is Enough Food.Offer a Late-Night Snack.