Why Is My Rustoleum Paint Wrinkling?

How do I fix wrinkled paint?

For minor wrinkling, allow the affected surface to dry completely and then sand it off to a well-cured coat and apply a new finish.

For severe wrinkling, strip the paint layer completely and repaint..

What causes auto paint to wrinkle?

Wrinkling or lifting This problem occurs when a paint layer shrivels up while you are applying a new finish or while the new finish is drying. This happens when solvents in your new finish attack the old finish, causing the lifting and wrinkling.

Why does my base coat wrinkle?

One cause is by laying down too much material (piling on) too quick (insufficient flash times between coats). Driving the solvents down into the material. If you don’t let that dry good enough and start sanding you may remove the material but not the extra solvents so when you spray some more material it happens again.

How long should you wait between coats of Rustoleum?

To do so, simply wait until the first Top Coat is dry to the touch (1-2 hours) before applying the second Top Coat. We recommend the second coat to be applied within 24 hours of the first. If you choose to recoat after 24 hours and before 7 days we recommend sanding the floor before you recoat.

Can you clear coat wrinkle paint?

Regular non high temp clear coat will flake off. Also the clear coat is going to look weird over the tacky wrinkle paint, so probably won’t look how you picture it in your head.