Question: What Is The Opposite Of Slow?

What are three synonyms for slow?

Synonyms foreasy.gradual.heavy.lackadaisical.leisurely.passive.quiet.stagnant..

What is the opposite of freeze?

What is the opposite of freeze?abridgecompressdiminishdissolvelessenliquefylowermeltreduceshrink3 more rows

Is slow moving one word?

Slow-moving Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for slow-moving?torpidinactivesluggishdullinertlethargicslowlanguidlazypassive69 more rows

How do you describe a slow day?

Waiting for something exciting to happen, like going to a concert makes it feel like the day is taking longer than usual to pass, it is a slow day.

What is slow going?

: a situation in which progress is slow It’s been slow going so far, but the project should speed up soon.

Does Pokey mean slow?

Pokey can also be used to describe someone or something that moves slowly. This sense of word is intended to be negative or insulting. Less commonly, it can be used as an adjective meaning small and cramped, as in There’s no way we can have a party in this pokey little apartment. Pokey can also be spelled poky.

What is the antonyms of slow?

slow. Antonyms: active, quick, fast, rapid, alert, ready, prompt, early, sudden, immediate. Synonyms: sluggish, inactive, inert, lazy, unready, tardy, late, gradual, tedious, dull, dilatory, lingering, slack.

What is the opposite word of sluggish?

Antonyms for sluggish busy, fast, alert, energetic, lively, active, spirited, moving.

What is the opposite of smoothly?

What is the opposite of smoothly?strenuouslystrugglinglyslowlyseriouslygrudginglyponderouslycarefullyearnestlyroughly20 more rows

What is the part of speech of sluggish?

part of speech: adjective. definition 1: moving slowly. The river becomes sluggish as it widens.

What is the opposite of quick?

Antonym of QuickWordAntonymQuickSlowGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

What’s a big word for slow?

Slow, deliberate, gradual, leisurely mean unhurried and not happening rapidly.

What is the antonym of slow moving?

Antonyms for Slow-moving: strict, busy, strong, smart, disciplined, alert, tight, taut, stiff, rigid, intelligent, quick.

What is the opposite of lazy?

hardworkingThe opposite of lazy is hardworking.

What is the word for slow speaking?

To speak in a slow, lazy way or accent with prolonged vowel sounds. drawl. drone. intone. nasalize.