What Does Very Much Mean?

How do you use very much?

You use very much to emphasize that someone or something has a lot of a particular quality, or that the description you are about to give is particularly accurate..

How do you say so much so?

so much so / synonymssuch an extent. phr.so much. phr.how much. phr.so many. phr.far.really. adv.so bad. phr.so hard. phr.More items…

What does very much so mean?

Definition of very much so —used to say “yes” or to say that one agrees with something”Were you surprised?” “Oh, very much so.”

What does very much adequate mean?

“Adequate” means “okay”, “passable”, “mediocre”, and certainly less than “good”. To say something is “very much adequate” is to say that it is “really mediocre”, “definitely average and no better”.

What immensely means?

: to a very great or immense degree or extent : exceedingly, enormously We enjoyed ourselves immensely.

How do you spell very much?

1 —used for emphasisThe company is still very much an important part of the community. She is very much in control of the situation. 2 : to a very great degree or extent Thank you very much.

What is the difference between very much and so much?

plz answer the question. very much = a lot too much = more than enough so much = a lot (but informal) so much is also used in a sentence like this one (here others cannot be used instead) I like chatting so much that I often lose track of time. … so much that …

What’s another word for very much?

Similar words for very much: indeed (adverb) infinitely (adverb) awfully (adverb) considerably (adverb)

Is very much so grammatically correct?

The expression very much so is an emphatic way of answering ‘yes’ to something or saying that it is true or correct. “Are you enjoying your vacation?”—”Very much so.” Collins!