Quick Answer: What Is The Opposite Of Bestow?

What’s the opposite of silence?

What is the opposite of silence?agitationboldnessfreedomliberationgarrulousness.

What is the antonym of bestow?

What is the opposite of bestow?denyrefusedisacknowledgedisclaimrebuffrenouncerepudiatediscreditnegatewithhold8 more rows

What are two synonyms for bestow?

bestowbequeath.confer.donate.entrust.grant.hand out.lavish.accord.

What is a synonym bestow?

Some common synonyms of bestow are afford, confer, donate, give, and present.

What does bestow upon me mean?

bestow on (someone) To gift, grant, or award something to someone. The gift can be named between “bestow” and “on.” I can’t believe that much responsibility has been bestowed on me—I’m just an intern! Before my grandmother died, she bestowed this vintage coffee table on me.

Is bestow legit?

Bestow is a life insurance company that wants to make getting life insurance easy. … The policies Bestow offers are provided by North American Company for Life and Health Insurance. This company is rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best, which is the second highest rating available out of the 15 categories A.M. Best rates.

What does it mean to bestow someone?

When you present an honor or a gift to someone, you bestow it, which is the same as giving it, but often classier and more respectful.

Can you use bestow at any time?

702.102a Bestow represents a static ability that functions in any zone from which you could play the card it’s on. “Bestow [cost]” means “As you cast this spell, you may choose to cast it bestowed.

How do you use conferring in a sentence?

The faces of those who were not conferring together were pale and perturbed.

What is the synonym of tedious?

SYNONYMS FOR tedious 1 wearing, boring, tiring, monotonous, dull.

What is another word for bequeath?

SYNONYMS FOR bequeath 1 will, impart, leave, bestow, grant, consign.

What is the opposite of silent?

Antonym of SilentWordAntonymSilentNoisyGet definition and list of more Antonym and Synonym in English Grammar.

Is insufficient a word?

adjective. not sufficient; lacking in what is necessary or required: an insufficient answer.

What is the opposite of unimaginative?

Antonyms: creative, unconventional, originative, impractical. Synonyms: uninventive, stereotypical, stereotyped, sterile, stereotypic, aseptic, unfertile, infertile, uninspired. unimaginative(adj)

What is the opposite of sufficient?

sufficient. Antonyms: inadequate, unequal, incompetent, unqualified, unadapted, insufficient, unsuited, meagre, bare, scanty, short, deficient.

How do you use the word bestow?

Bestow sentence examplesIt is a big honor to bestow on a person. … He was ever ready to take blame on himself and bestow praise on others. … I would ask that you bestow defenses upon them to thwart his inevitable attack. … With this act we bestow upon any honorary member the right to vote on any matter. … “I bestow it with pleasure,” said Napoleon.More items…

What is another word for besotted?

In this page you can discover 59 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for besotted, like: crapulent, crapulous, cockeyed, blind, bombed, boozed, boozy, plastered, potted, sloshed and drunk.