Question: Did Jon Jones Give Up His Title?

How Much Does Jon Jones want?

The 32-year-old Jones had been eyeing a fight with heavyweight Francis Ngannou, but said the UFC did not want to pay him enough.

UFC President Dana White said the fighter wanted “crazy” money, citing demands of $15m, $20m and $30m..

How many times did Jon Jones defend his title?

During his two reigns as UFC light heavyweight champion, Jones racked up an incredible 11 title defenses, five of which came against fighters who also held the title.

What is happening with Jon Jones?

UFC lightweight champion Jon Jones has been arrested under the criminal charges of DWI (Drinking While Intoxicated), possession of liquor container and illegal use of a firearm in New Mexico on Thursday morning amidst all the medical intolerance going all around.

Is Jon Jones still the champion?

Jon Jones is no longer the UFC light heavyweight champion. On Monday, Jones vacated the title that’s been largely synonymous with his name for the last nine years following months of stalled negotiations with the UFC.

Who is the best UFC fighter of all time?

The 17 Best UFC Fighters Of All TimeGeorges St-Pierre (26-2-0)Henry Cejudo (16-2-0)Jon Jones (26-1-0)José Aldo (28-7-0)Khabib Nurmagomedov (28-0)Matt Hughes (45-9-0)Randy Couture (19-11-0)Stipe Miocic (19-3-0)More items…•

Why is Jon Jones not champion?

It seems as though Jones kept this in mind when making his decision. “I vacated the light heavyweight championship because I knew my heavyweight goals were going to take some time. “I wasn’t going to play games with the contenders and make people fight interim championship belts. There’s little rest on the throne.”

Who is undefeated in UFC?

List of undefeated mixed martial artistsFighterGenderRecordKhabib NurmagomedovMale29–0 (8 KO, 11 SUB)Yaroslav AmosovMale25–0 (9 KO, 10 SUB)Khusein AskhabovMale23–0 (6 KO, 10 SUB)Israel AdesanyaMale20–0 (15 KO)73 more rows

Did Jon Jones leave UFC?

“Today I confirm that I’m vacating the light heavyweight championship,” Jones wrote. “It’s officially up for grabs. It’s been an amazing journey, sincere thank you to all my competition, UFC and most importantly you fans.”

Why did Jon Jones give up the title?

Jon Jones has made the decision to officially give up his UFC light heavyweight title. … That’s what led to the tension between Jones and the UFC brass. He believed he deserved more money to move up a weight class, but White said he wasn’t budging on the issue.

Is Jon Jones the goat?

Jon Jones took exception to that and has continued to make a case for why he is the actual GOAT of the UFC. Rampage, who held the UFC’s 205-pound title from 2007 to 2008, was the first challenger on Jones’ initial UFC light heavyweight championship run back in 2011. … He’s beaten the best,” Rampage said in a tweet.

Who is the richest MMA fighter?

Conor McGregor’sMcGregor has also tried his hands at boxing. He fought against boxing legend Floyd Mayweather Jr. Conor McGregor’s net worth, which approximately stands at $110 million, currently ranks as the richest MMA fighter in the world.

How many titles Jon Jones won?

Jones has also held the interim UFC Light Heavyweight Championship. As of October 27, 2020, he is #2 in the UFC men’s pound-for-pound rankings. At age 23, with his victory over Maurício Rua at UFC 128, Jones became the youngest champion in UFC history….Jon JonesTotal28Wins26By knockout10By submission627 more rows

How much money did Jon Jones make in his last fight?

Jones’ most recent clash against Dominick Reyes at UFC 247 made him $540,000, which was the same as his two previous fights against Thiago Santos and Anthony Smith. The Sports Daily does report that the earnings are based on ‘UFC pay only’ and does ‘not include PPV or locker room bonuses.

Did Jon Jones vacate his title?

Jon Jones announced Monday on Twitter that he has vacated the UFC light heavyweight title he has held off and on for nearly a decade. … “It’s been an amazing journey, sincere thank you to all my competition, Ufc and most importantly you fans.”

Can khabib beat Jon Jones?

Yes Jon Jones would defeat Khabib if they decided to fight. Khabib is tough but so is Daniel Cormier. Jon Jones is not only strong enough he is far more skilled in more styles of fighting than Khabib. Jones movement is also a lot more refined than Khabib.