What CFS Is For In Shipping?

What is the role of CFS?

As explained above, a CFS is responsible for the consolidation of cargo and stuffing it in containers before the goods are shipped.

This process reduces congestion at the port of origin and ensures that the cargo is shipped efficiently..

What is the difference between CFS and CY?

The CY is the delivery (or receipt) of a whole container from (or at) the shipper’s or the forwarder’s (or the consignee’s) cargo yard or premises. The CFS is the delivery (or receipt) of loose cargo from (or at) the carrier’s container freight station.

What is CFS operation?

CFS operations involve cargo that is to be stripped from or stuffed into a container and stored in the CFS Area. Effective interface to technical systems like transponders, keypads, weighbridges, OCR, port hazardous systems etc.

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What is difference between CFS and ICD?

An ICD is a place where containers are aggregated for onward movement to or from the ports whereas CFS is a place where containers are stuffed, unstuffed and aggregation/segregation of cargo takes place. … CFS is treated as an extension of a port/ICD/air-cargo complex.

What does Cy mean in shipping terms?

Container YardContainer Yard – CY This is the area that is within the port, container terminal or dry port where shipping containers are stored. The containers are going to be stored there either before the container is loaded onto the ship or after the container has been unloaded from the ship after it arrives in port.

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What is Cy to Cy in shipping terms?

CY/CY means that the responsibility of the shipping line begins at the CY at the load port and ends at the CY at the discharge port.

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What is meant by CFS charges?

A container freight station (CFS) is where LCL cargo is taken for consolidation (at origin) and deconsolidation (at destination). The CFS charges a fee for this service, based on the volume of the cargo.

What does ICD stand for in shipping terms?

Inland Container DepotIn Inland Container Depot (ICD), a combination of services of sea custodian, customs department, carriers, freight forwarders, customs brokers etc. are carried out to facilitate exporters and importers for smooth handling of cargo.

What is meant by ICD in logistics?

Inland Container Depots (ICDs) and Container Freight Stations (CFSs) are also called dry ports as they handle all Customs formalities related to import and export of goods at these locations.