Does BTS Like Bigbang?

Who’s the queen of Kpop 2020?

Jennie (Blackpink) Blackpink members dominate the King Choice’s Queen of Kpop 2020, and Jennie is in number 2!.

How old is Army BTS?

The ages of BTS ‘ ARMY are anywhere from young children to old people! They tend to be in the 10–20 age range.

Will seungri return to bigbang?

BigBang will soon be back – minus Seungri (second from left) – after completing their military service in South Korea. The now-four-piece K-pop band will make their comeback at the Coachella music festival in California in April.

Blackpink did surpass BTS when it comes to YouTube views… Because while BTS has slightly more of a following on social media, Blackpink has got a significantly larger following on the video platform — 51.3 million subscribers as opposed to BTS’ 38.6 million.

Who is better BTS or Blackpink?

If BLACKPINK aren’t already awesome enough, they’ve now become the most watched K-pop band on YouTube. Their video for catchy hit Ddu-Du Ddu-Du has overtaken BTS’s epic DNA tune. BLACKPINK’s video has been watched a massive 625 million times, beating K-pop boyband BTS who have been watched 623 million times.

Is BTS the kings of kpop?

Yes, without any doubt, BTS is the King of Pop. BTS is the youngest band to set and break many records. He is most popular among people.

What country has the most BTS fans?

PhilippinesPhilippines is the country that has the most BTS fans (ARMY)

Who has the most fans exo or BTS?

There’s no denying the talent of K-pop groups like EXO and BTS. With music videos raking in millions of views and sold-out live performances, it’s no surprise these boys are some of the biggest names in K-pop. However, some fans noted that EXO is more popular in South Korea, while BTS is more popular globally.

Where is seungri now?

Where is he now? Seungri was set to enlist in Nonsan Army Training Center on March 25, 2019, but it was delayed due to the Burning Sun scandal. In March 2020, he was photographed arriving at the 6th Infantry Recruit Training Center in Cheorwon County, Gangwon Province.

Can bigbang beat BTS?

BTS is too popular globally and I’m sure the current BigBang members know at this point there is no way they can beat BTS… I mean BTS have achieved a lot more than BigBang at this point.

In the last 2 years, the channel gained 3 million subscribers and gained 1.6 billion views. As well still having 1.6M-2M daily views in YouTube. They are still the 4th most viewed Korean artists in the platform with 6.5 billion views, despite the group releasing only one album in the last 7 years.

Who is the king of kpop?

Jimin received massive 12,568,794 upvotes and was crowned “The King of Kpop.” The Bangtan member crowned the title last year after he received 1,275,292 votes. Thus making his bag the title two years in a row.

How old are most BTS fans?

In 2018, almost 50% were females as average age between 18-24.In 2019, 39% of fans aged 24-35 years-old.[ 2]

Is exo or BTS better?

Exo has more votes in better songs, vocalist, and in awards. In all, Exo is better than Bts.

Who is the most hated KPOP Idol?

Blackpink Jennie1. Blackpink Jennie. Because of the so-called “bad attitude,” scandals, and “lazy dancing” controversy, Blackpink Jennie becomes one of the most criticized idols. Fans think that YG Entertainment was showing favoritism to her by giving better clothes and more promotions.

Is BTS bigger than bigbang?

BTS does have more fans as of right now BUT, Big Bang has one: been around longer, and two: they have won more awards.

How many fans do BTS have 2020?

BTS has a total of about 136.4M fans. They’re HUGE for a korean boy band, but that’s a lot coming from a band who doesn’t sing in english.

Are Bigbang members close?

BIGBANG members’ relationships with each other Jiyong is close with all of the members, especially Youngbae and TOP. Seungri is very close to Jiyong, not as close with the other members. Daesung is close with Youngbae. Youngbae and TOP are close to Daesung and Jiyong.