Question: Which BTS Member Is Most Popular?

What is BTS most hated country?

vkook – PhilippinesBTS-vkook – Philippines is the most hated Country in the…

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Which BTS member has least fans?

J-Hope is the least popular member of BTS While Jimin, followed by Jungkook, V, Suga, RM, and Jin all placed within the top 20 bracket of Preferred Korean Idols, J-Hope was far from the least popular out of all idols ranked.

Who has the darkest past in BTS?

13 Most Terrifying Things That Ever Happened To BTS MembersWhen BTS encountered real ghosts. … When these fireworks gave Suga two consecutive heart attacks. … When Jin screamed at a dead cricket. … When J-Hope was too scared to get into a boat. … When Mpd set off a chain reaction. … When Jungkook went flying. … When zombies attacked.More items…•

Who is the richest member in BTS 2020?

J-Hope has a net worth of $20 million. In addition to the money he makes with BTS, his solo mixtape Hope World, topped global charts making him lots of money along the way. Leader of the band, RM, earns a lot of cash for his talent at writing songs.

How old was BTS when they lost their virginity?


Who has the most fans in BTS 2020?

JiminOriginally Answered: Who is the most popular member of BTS in 2020? In Korea- Jimin. Jimin is unbeatable in Korea and is considered the IT boy there. He has been at the number 1 position for brand ranking for almost 2 years continuously now and hasn’t moved.

Who is the ugliest member of BTS?

The ugliest member is the one wearing black. He is also the one not holding a glass in this picture. The ugliest member is not wearing sunglasses here. The least handsome member is unfortunately Mr.

What country BTS love the most?

the PhilippinesComing in first place, with the most official ARMYs in the world and making up a staggering 21% of all BTS fans, is the Philippines! Bonus: According to Twitter, 2018 was the year for @BTS_twt with not only the most liked tweet worldwide but also the most Tweeted about account.

Who is the sweetest member of BTS?

Who is the sweetest member of BTSTaehyung. 35.0%Seokjin. 21.5%Jimin. 43.5%

America- V, RM, and the maknae line is definitly the most popular for US. RM for his leadership and his passion for music, and V because hey he’s gorgeous and has an angel voice! … Asia-Jungkook! Jungkook is actually the most popular BTS member in the world. … Russia/Central Asian countries; They love Suga and V!

Who is Jimin wife?

Nicole lee ParkNicole Park Jimin’s wife. My name is Nicole lee Park. I’m 22 I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.

He is famous for his irresistible cuteness, unique behavior, and for being a total dork. He is not just an idol seen on stage, but a terrific actor on the small screen as well. No other idols can be like Taehyung in terms of appearance, character, and personality, which is why armies are falling hard for him!

Which BTS member has most fans?

JungkookJungkook seems to be the most popular among international fans since he topped the list of the most popular K-pop stars on Tumblr in 2019. Jimin came in at second place. However, according to Gallup’s surveys covering the most preferred Korean idols of 2019 among the Korean public, Jimin actually ranked as No. 1.

Who is the most closest to Jungkook?

TaehyungAll bts members are very close to jungkook. They have been living and working together for 8 years. But if I had to pick one person whom he is closest to, then it would be Taehyung.

Who cries most in BTS?

Jungkook: Honestly what I remember most is when Suga cried. There’s this way of him talking while crying. That time we were all together and talking about the times we really had it hard. Suga was like covering his mouth with his hands saying “…” Suga: My nose runs when I cry.

Kim TaehyungBTS’s Member Kim Taehyung , alongside being the Most Popular Member of BTS , is now The Most Handsome Man in The World 2020.

Who is the rudest BTS member?

J-HopeWhy J-Hope is the Rudest Member of BTS.