Quick Answer: Can We Use The Before Rain?

Which article is used with rain?

When referring to the things that are associated with rain, the definite article is used… i.e.

the rain.

When the definite article is used with the word ‘rain’ it becomes an object activity noun.

Just to recap: Farmers like rain (rain in and of itself), but they don’t like the rain (the things associated with rain)..

Can we use the before weather?

Generally the word “weather” is used with “the”, like: I would greet the weather that is a few degrees warmer. …

Is it correct to say rain is falling?

It is raining is how we normally describe the weather on a rainy day. However, that doesn’t make rain is falling grammatically incorrect. … The word rain can be a verb, or a noun; as a noun, it refers collectively to raindrops. Moreover, falling can refer to anything dropping from the sky.

What is the sound of heavy rain called?

pitter patter. That’s a gust of wind accompanying the rain. Forming words by letters that resemble the sound of the things denoted by them is called onomatopoeia. The word originates from Greek onoma (name) and poiein (to make).

What is a sentence for rain?

Use “rain” in a sentence | “rain” sentence examples. 1, Rain comes after sunshine, and after a dark cloud, a clear sky. 2, Counsel after action is like rain after harvest. 3, It never will rain roses.

How beautiful the rain is?

“How Beautiful is the Rain” is a poem all about what happens when rain comes to a dry place. In the poem, the falling rain has an impact on different people and in different places. The writer shows that rain is a beautiful thing in many different ways. The rain quenches heat and settles dust.

Where should you not use?

However you must remember never to use ‘the’ before names of mountains, names of continents or names of cities. “I’m going to the London tomorrow” just doesn’t sound correct. Follow these steps and not only will your English sound more fluent, you will also be able to naturally decide whether to add ‘the’ or not.

Can I use the before my name?

You don’t use the before names or proper nouns that identify a person. … If the name or proper noun identifies a thing or place, the is used. It’s an article and not part of the name.

Where should you not use articles?

We do not use articles before the names of countries, people, continents, cities, rivers and lakes….We do not use articles before uncountable and abstract nouns used in a general sense.Honey is sweet. (NOT The honey is sweet.)Sugar is bad for your teeth.Wisdom is better than riches.Virtue is its own reward.

How do you express rain?

Here are 15 of the most stand-out phrases, often used when Brits get soaked.It’s raining cats and dogs. Quite possibly the most famous of the lot, ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ has many theories. … Tipping down. … Drizzle. … Spitting. … Bucketing down. … Teeming. … Nice weather… for ducks. … The heavens have opened.More items…•

How do you ask for rain?

You don’t have to guess how to talk about rain….9 Useful English Phrases to Say When it’s Raining“What’s it like outside? … “It’s raining.” … “It’s really coming down out there!” … “Take your umbrella. … “I’ve had enough of all this rain!”More items…•

What is the plural form of rain?

Rains (plural) or rain (singular)