How Strong Is Exodia In Yugioh?

Is exodia the strongest Yugioh card?

3 STRONGEST: Exodia The Forbidden One monsters, it’s almost impossible to avoid talking about the original game-ending monster, Exodia the Forbidden One.

If a player can assemble all five of Exodia’s pieces, then Exodia can literally end the duel in victory right then and there no matter how badly they’re losing..

Can you beat exodia?

There is no certain deck that is designed to counter Exodia, but you can try to make then discard their hand (best way to beat Exodia). … No, when you get all five pieces of Exodia you automatically win the duel. So Exodia has basically infinite attack and defense.

What is the strongest Yugioh card?

Yu-Gi-Oh: The 10 Most Powerful Divine-Beast Cards, Ranked8 Loki, Lord Of The Aesir. … 7 Thor, Lord Of The Aesir. … 6 Odin, Father Of The Aesir. … 5 Hamon, Lord Of Striking Thunder. … 4 Raviel, Lord Of Phantasms. … 3 Slifer The Sky Dragon. … 2 Obelisk The Tormentor. … 1 The Winged Dragon Ra.More items…•

Why is exodia banned?

Lore. “Exodia” was, at first, a beast of such incalculable and intimidating might that he was split up into five distinctive parts, each one of them chained and sealed away by magic from all the other monsters (hence “the Forbidden One”). That would have prevented his power from ever being used again.

Is Zorc stronger than exodia?

Zorc is shown to be able to defeat all of the most powerful duel monster spirits, including the Egyptian Gods and Exodia, and was only able to be stopped by the fused form of the gods, Horakhty herself.

Is red eyes black dragon rare?

Yu-Gi-Oh! – Red-Eyes B. Dragon (LC01-EN006) – Legendary Collection – Limited Edition – Ultra Rare.