Question: What Is A Stronger Word For Support?

What are some examples of support?

An example of support is listening to a friend in need.

An example of support is lending money to a sibling.

Support means to carry, hold up or bear the weight of someone or something.

An example of support is a tree branch that has a swing hanging from it..

What is the word for helping others?

This word comes from the Old French altruistic and means “other people” and before that the Latin alter, which means “other.” Our current word comes from the nineteenth century and comes from philosophy. … It means that it’s important for people to be concerned with the good of others and to act unselfishly.

What is the opposite word of support?

What is the opposite of support?hindrancedisapprovaldiscouragementhurtinjuryobstructionoppositionstopstoppageblockage8 more rows

How do you support someone?

Here’s how experts say you can recognize the signs and help someone living with the issue.Educate yourself. … Listen without trying to fix anything. … Be specific with your support. … Offer to do fun things together. … Ask the right questions. … Validate their feelings. … Try a little act of kindness. … Don’t give up on them.More items…•

What kind of support do you need?

There are three different types of support that you need: support on basic tasks; creative and intellectual support; and emotional and spiritual support.

What does a supportive person do?

In a supportive relationship, you must also respect the other person’s right to make their own choices and decisions. You offer your advice without condition, so they are free to decline it. We are living during a time when people are desperate for approval. They want to be loved and respected by everybody.

What is the similar meaning of support?

Some common synonyms of support are advocate, back, champion, and uphold. While all these words mean “to favor actively one that meets opposition,” support is least explicit about the nature of the assistance given.

What is it called when you support someone?

A patron supports someone or something. A patron of a business supports the business by being a loyal customer. And a patron of the Red Lobster is a frequent customer who can be seen in the same corner booth every Sunday night, noshing on cheddar biscuits. …

What is a stronger word for help?

assist, back, backstop, prop (up), support.

How do you describe support?

Here are some adjectives for support: significant diplomatic, technical and naval, unconditional military, financial, military or popular, tacit and unshakable, strong bipartisan, undivided and willing, moral but material, greatest collateral, economic and logistic, solid grass-roots, accidental and fantastic, full and …

What are the three types of support?

Types of Social SupportConstructDefinitionEmotionalExpressions of empathy, love, trust and caringInstrumentalTangible aid and serviceInformationalAdvice, suggestions, and information1 more row

What does a support mean?

the act or an instance of supporting. the state of being supported. something that serves as a foundation, prop, brace, or stay. maintenance, as of a person or family, with necessaries, means, or funds: to pay for support of an orphan. … a person or thing that gives aid or assistance.